Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies

Finding a good health insurance policy out of all the available options can be somewhat tricky without proper research. Below, we have listed some of the top health insurance companies with policies throughout the United States.

  1. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has its own network of hospitals named Kaiser Foundation with state-of-the-art medical centers to offer medical care to its clients. It has won many customer service awards up till now like J.D. Power & Associates.

Kaiser Permanente has a very good financial rating as well. It is working in many states like California, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C, Georgia, Hawaii, and Oregon and offers private health insurance to the citizens. At this point, Kaiser Permanente has approximately 23,000 participating physicians.

Kaiser Permanente offers four types of Health Insurance Plans to its customer, including:

▪   Bronze Health Insurance Plan 
▪   Silver Health Insurance Plan
▪   Gold Health Insurance Plan
▪   Platinum Health Insurance Plan

All these Health Insurance Plans provide the facility of an HSA (Health Savings Account) except gold and platinum. The HSA account is available for high-deductible plans in which the contributions are tax-free.

With the help of an HSA account, you can get paid for qualifying expenses like Physical/occupational therapy, vision/dental care, Ambulance/emergency care services, lab tests, X-rays, and doctor/hospital visits.

If you change jobs, you can transfer the balance to your HSA account because it comes with a debit card. There is an option of investment of money which you have saved over $2000 in your HSA account.


▪   Strong Customer Service
▪   Health Savings Account options
▪   Numerous Health Plans


▪   Working in Limited states
  1. BlueCross BlueShield

It is a multinational Health insurance company that offers private health insurance coverage to over 100 million Americans. Up till now, it is working in 170 countries of the world apart from the USA.

BlueCross BlueShield is an association that is parenting almost 36 independent health insurance companies in the USA. Most of these health insurance companies have an AM Best financial strength rating of “A”.

There are three major organization through which BCBS members can have access to the health insurance plans:

▪   HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization)
▪   EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organization)
▪   PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization)

The comprehensive health insurance plans are offered by the HMO plans. These plans offer the greatest savings option as well, but the doctor’s choices are limited.

On the other hand, incorporated policies and selected provider networks are utilized by the EPO plan to provide health care facilities to the members. You can get more flexibility with the PPO plan because it has a greater number of participating physicians.


▪   BCBS health Care facilities are provided in all states
▪   Many Policy option with flexible coverage choice


Some companies of BCBS are rated below 3.5 stars on the basis of Consumer Affairs due to the difficulties in getting medical procedures approved, limited PPO choices, and coverage denials.

  1. United Healthcare (UHC)

UHC has received an “A” (excellent) rating from A.M Best. It is a subsidiary health insurance company of UnitedHealth Group, which is also considered the largest Health Insurance provider in the USA.

The individual insurance provided by the UHC is the best for meeting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements about essential care. The UHC members can avail many online health care facilities like ordering prescriptions online, consulting with a nurse via a hotline, and take part in wellness programs.

Members can set up appointments with highly qualified doctors by going online. You can even consult with a doctor through your smartphone if you are a member of UHC because it has launched a mobile app so you can access the resources on the go.

UHC is the best option for particularly those people who want to manage their health care online. Both HMO and PPO plans are available with access to FSAs and HSAs.

Members can get discounts on some specific programs such as smoking cessation programs, vision services, or hearing aids. Up till now, UHC has a network of over 1.3 million qualified physicians and health care professionals to serve its members.


▪ Large PPO network
▪ Online Health care services


▪ Average Overall customer satisfaction ratings by J.D. Power 2020

  1. Aetna

Aetna is another one of the largest health insurance providers in the USA with an “A” rating from A.M Best. Aetna is still providing employer health insurance plans to the citizens of all 50 states despite the fact that it is acquired by CVS Health in 2018.

You can get affordable private health insurance options from Aetna like hospitalization, office visits, immunization, and preventive care. HSA plans (for high-deductible plans) are also available for the members.

You can avail several types of provider plans from Aetna such as HMO, EPO, PPO, and HDHP with HSA. Aetna has initiated many wellness programs like gym membership, health coaching, and weight-loss programs.


▪ HSAs
▪ Nationwide coverage
▪ Wellness Programs

 Cons have rated the website and online app of Aetna only 3.5 star
Average Customer Satisfaction rate

  1. Cigna

It is a global health insurance provider that is currently working in 10 US states including Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, and Virginia. Cigna is offering private health insurance in all these states. It has received an “A” (excellent) rating from AM Best.

HSA plan options are available with high-deductible plans. The policyholder can contact a network doctor, check claims status, and get Insurance ID cards through an online channel.


▪   Our-of-network care
▪   Telehealth services


▪   Limited Coverage Area