Best Home Insurance Companies in the USA

We have summarized a list of the best home insurance companies in the United States. Home is one of the most important things in your life which provides you with shelter, security control, and privacy. 
It is the place where you and your family live. When you buy a home, you want it to protect from everything which can harm or destroy it, like fire, stealing, flood or earthquake, etc. 

But sometimes, you are unable to protect your home under unavoidable circumstances. So, what is the best thing which can protect your home? Well, in our recommendation, it is a good Home Insurance Policy. 

Home Insurance Policy is actually a property insurance agreement between your and an insurance provider. Home insurance policy will cover all your losses and damages (no matter exterior or interior of the home) to any person and any property in your home in exchange for premiums that you pay monthly. 

Best Home Insurance Companies to choose in the USA

1. Amica Mutual

Amica was established back in 1907 and is based in Rhode Island. However, the homeowner's insurance policy was started back in 1956. Today, Amica consists of three separate companies having 44 offices in the USA and provides almost all types of insurance including Home Insurance. Apart from Conventional Home Insurance policies, Amica sells dividend home insurance policies as well. In these 

Home Insurance policies, you can get up to 20% of the annual premium back. A.M. Best has ranked Amica as an A+ rating insurance company. 

Amica provides all its customer services through telephone and doesn't have any insurance agents. It provides you a boosted claim service, in which you can get paid within 24 hours of an accident or unpleasant activity in your home. 

The Home-repair assistance program of Amica Mutual is simply the best which connects you to more than 4 thousand contractors at a time. From this program, you can get a speedy cleanup of your home or any kind of aid related to your home assets. In Addition to the basic home coverage, Amica 

Mutual also offers the following upgrades:

 	Catastrophic Coverage

You will get paid in case of property damage results from floods or earthquakes through Catastrophic coverage. 
	Home Business Coverage

Through this upgrade, you will get paid in case of stealing in your home.

 	Dwelling Replacement Coverage

If your home needs repair out of the limit of your home insurance policy, you will get paid through this upgrade up to 30%.
	▪	 Outclass claims handling
	▪	 High Customer Satisfaction ratings
	▪	 Outstanding Perks
	▪	 Dividend Programs
	▪	 A Large Network of Contractors
	▪	 Insurance of Personal Belongings at replacement cost

	▪	 Some Additional coverages are not available in all states of the USA
	▪	 Limited Coverage Endorsement offering
 2.	American Family

American Family is considered as the best renters insurance provider. It is the best option for those people who are living in a rented building but want to get coverage for their personal properties in this building. This renters insurance policy is also known as the HO-4 renters insurance policy. You can get the following coverages from American Family's renters insurance:

	▪	 Reimbursed Living Expenses
	▪	 Liability Protection
	▪	 Guest Medical Protection
You will glad to know that the average cost of American Family renters insurance is around about $15 monthly. You can get the following discounts as well in case of bundling your auto insurance policy with Allstate:

	▪	 Renovated or new home 
	▪	 Autopay 
	▪	 Paperless statement
	▪	 Loyalty

	▪	 Option of adding identity theft protection in home insurance policies
	▪	 Offers the option of matching siding coverage
Operates only in 19 states of the USA

 3.	State Farm

State Farm is well-known throughout the country due to its Flood Insurance policy for homeowners. In modern days, Flood Insurance is sold as a separate insurance policy and it is the most important thing for your home if you are living in a high-risk area. 

State Form provides flood insurance policy through NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) like many other insurers. You will get the following benefits after buying a home insurance policy from State Farm:

	▪	 Best Customer Service
	▪	 Speedy Payouts
	▪	 Assistance of Top-rated agents
	▪	 Complete determination of different levels of flood protection that you need

As you know that insuring an old home in comparison to a new or renovated home is a somewhat tricky task. Due to a potential liability associated with old houses, many insurers hesitate to insure them. 

However, State Farm is completely different in this regard. You will get an equally good Home Insurance policy no matter what is your home condition at present. If you want to insure your rustic abode, there is no better option than State Farm. You can also get the following benefits:

	▪	 Home Safety
	▪	 Multi-policy
	▪	 Roofing
	▪	Best for first-time home-buyers
	▪	Strong Financial Ratings
	▪	Limited Discounts

	▪	 Limited Discounts
4.	Travelers

Although it is not cheap in comparison to other home insurance companies, Travelers homeowner insurance policies is a great hub of diversified discount options including:

	▪	 Multi-Policy
	▪	 New Home buyer
	▪	 Protective Device
	▪	 Claims-free
	▪	 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

With good planning, you can save plenty of money on premiums of Travelers Home Insurance Policy.
	▪	 A wide range of policy options
	▪	 Modernized Coverage
	▪	 Rate-Saving Opportunities
	▪	 Multiple Unique Endorsements
	▪	 Coverage Enhancements
	▪	 Claim Satisfaction ratings are below sometimes
	▪	 Subpar customer service ratings

 5.	USAA

USAA is an undisputed champ of customer service quality. It is considered a powerhouse which is servicing military families for almost 90 years. USAA provides the lowest rates and it is considered as the paramount insurance company in terms of Home Insurance. Some of the USAA discounts include:

	▪	 Claim-free 
	▪	 Home Safety
	▪	 Multi-policy
	▪	 Perfect J.D. Power ratings
	▪	 Industry-leading financial ratings
	▪	 Various discounts available

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